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The zoo highlights endangered, threatened and vulnerable species from climates such as the Tampa Bay area, with parks in Asia, Africa, Australia and Florida. Our animal habitats balance the importance of supporting maximum animal welfare and engaging and inspiring our guests to protect and conserve wildlife. Chance animal encounters, behind-the-scenes tours and other special one-on-one experiences expand the zoo’s opportunities to create unforgettable nature connections.

Zoo now cares for more than 1000 animals. The zoo participates in nearly 100 AZA Endangered and Threatened Species Management Networks and has won numerous awards for its animal conservation and care programs. The zoo was officially recognized by the State of Florida as a Center for Biological Diversity and Conservation in 2004. It shows the most extensive species of endangered fauna in Florida. This is best seen in the work we do every day at the Jacarlene Animal Care Campus with the Tiedemann-Cotton Animal Care Annex and our Catherine Lowry Straz Veterinary Hospital, which has since been twice accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA ). will be opened in 2015. We are the only zoo in the United States to receive this honor. Tap into your wild side and make unforgettable connections at ZooTampa. Come face to face with an amazing wildlife. Witness Florida’s manatees receive life-saving treatment. Go on an exciting journey through Africa and more! With new experiences and enhanced favorites, explore all the exciting ways ZooTampa continues to offer incredible opportunities to connect with wildlife and each other. Add great ZooTampa moments to your day with our unforgettable animal encounters, like the Indian Rhino Feeding, where you can feed the greater one-horned rhinoceros, a rare and endangered species. Plus, learn more about our breeding couple, Jamie and Johnny, and get exclusive access to the team that cares for these special animals every day. Located in Lowry Park. Don’t forget to check out this place in Tampa too.

ZooTampa is home to more than 1,300 animals and is known as one of the most beautiful tropical zoos in the world. The zoo brings animals and visitors together to create unforgettable natural connections. Guests can get closer to wildlife than ever before, touching a giant tortoise, feeding a giraffe, nose-to-nose with an Indian rhinoceros, hand-to-mouth with slippery elephants and more! Families can also splash around in water play areas, experience thrill rides and participate in educational shows. Do you love manatees? In the book David A. Straz Jr. At Manatee Hospital, the veterinarian’s veterinary staff treats sick, injured and orphaned manatees and returns them to the wild after rehabilitation. The zoo also cares for Florida’s most diverse group of wildlife and has won many awards for animal conservation. If you are in need of a foundation repair, click here.


1418 E Busch Blvd Suite 311, Tampa, FL 33612



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