Rotary Centennial Dog Park

This is located in the 8-acre Rotary Centennial Park and is open daily from dawn to dusk. Dogs must be socialized, up to date on all vaccinations and permits, and always under the supervision of the owner. Dogs must be on a leash unless tagged by the leash. The Rotary Centennial Dog Park is a designated area that provides a safe place for dogs to run off-leash. There is a separate area for small and large dogs. Senior or shy dogs are welcome in the small dog area as long as they are gentle with smaller dogs.

For pet parents, there are plenty of trees, shade, and benches to sit and relax while watching your dog play. Dogs who love to play fetch will enjoy this park. Just remember to bring the ball. Cleaning up after your dog is essential at this dog park. Always carry dog ​​bags with you to comply with the rule. You can also offer a spare bag to other pet parents who are running low on supplies. This park is remarkably clean and pets need to keep it that way. Florida is known for its hot summer months. Pet parents should limit their dog’s exposure to the sun to prevent heat exhaustion. Providing your dog with plenty of water is essential to prevent heat stroke, so be sure to bring fresh water and a small bowl for your dog. Dog breeds that need a dog are often bundles of energy. Don’t forget to check out this place in Spring Hill too.

According to park rules, energetic dogs are briskly walked in the outdoor area of ​​the dog park before entering to avoid aggressive behavior towards others. Dogs with aggressive behavior are the responsibility of their pet’s parents. Always keep an eye on your dog and keep a leash handy in case of an emergency. In case of aggressive behavior, you must put your dog on a leash and escort it out of the dog park area. Overall, this is a great dog park to frequent. The Rotary Centennial Dog Park offers plenty of shade, benches and plenty of room for your dog to play, run and socialize. If you are ever in need of home and foundation repair, click here.





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