Crews Lake Wilderness Park

Crews Lake Wilderness Park is located in northern Pasco County off the Suncoast Parkway and covers 113 acres on the west shore of Crews Lake. The lake is a tributary of the Pithlachascotee River, which flows 25 miles downstream into the Gulf of Mexico. There is access for fishing and kayaking, but lake levels can be extreme depending on annual rainfall. It is known to be completely dry during periods of severe drought. Lake levels are also affected by the many sinkholes that flow into Florida’s aquifers and the pumping of groundwater wells. While Crews Lake Wilderness Park has many recreational opportunities, the lake is probably its most important feature. Two and a half miles of hiking trails wind through the forest and along the shores of the lake.

In addition, an unmarked trail runs south across the park boundary to land owned by Pasco County. A half kilometer long asphalted universal road also passes through the park. Along the water is a long ADA accessible pier for sightseeing or fishing. If the water is high enough, the lake is accessible via a concrete boat ramp. In earlier years, there was a 40-foot-tall watchtower on the shore of the lake, which you can see in our video. But unfortunately, it was removed. Spectators can use or rent four covered picnic roofs and two large pavilions, as well as plenty of parking. Other amenities include a large playground (divided into areas for younger and older children), volleyball courts, horseshoes, a small botanical garden, and a log cabin. One of the notable features of Crews Lake Wilderness Park is the “Central Pasco and Gulf Railroad,” a 7½-inch, 8,500-foot-tall horse railroad. The railway operates on the 2nd Saturday of each month and on other special occasions such as Easter and Christmas. The PC&G organization also organizes various railway meetings where model train enthusiasts from all over the country come to use the model. Don’t forget to check out this place in Spring Hill too.

The park offers ten campsites for overnight stays in tents. There is also a camping area for group tents. Reservations must be made in advance through the Pasco County Parks and Recreation Department. Every year at the end of April in the park is organized a great holiday of the Earth. Arts and craft vendors will be out in force along with a variety of wildlife and environmental exhibits and displays. PC&G Railway is participating in the celebration by offering train rides. Crews Lake Wilderness Park in northern Pasco County offers a hiking trail with a nice dip in the sand dunes, where you’ll see plenty of spring and fall wildflowers. Crews Lake Wilderness Park is located off Shady Hills Road in Pasco County, Florida. The park has hiking trails, a short paved bike trail, a playground, a wooden tower, athletic fields, and the 7 1⁄2 gauge Central Pasco and Gulf Railroad. If you are ever in need of home and foundation repair, click here.





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